Skype and EFL class

An article about usage of Skype in English lessons really attracted my attention. Not only I was informed about the programme itself quite nicely, I even found out that it was “invented” in Europe, in Sweden, and I was surprised that there is one of headquarters of the company in Prague. Nevertheless, those information are not important for English lessons. 

It is great that there is a possibility to make a common English course more interesting for pupils by connecting the Internet and dowloading a free programme that is not so difficult to install and use (even for me).

The thing I like the most about Skype in EFL classroom is that children can communicate with people from foreign countries easily. Not only they can practise their speaking and other skills, they can do it even by means of information technologies that are a basic need of nowadays teenagers, I think, and the majority of young people is familiar with basics of ICT at least. While speaking in foreign language they learn the language in non-violent way and I think they communicative skills as well. It would be much easier to speak with citizens e.g. on holiday abroad. In my opinion, this type of communication is more useful than writing only (e. g. chat with a friend from other country).

I think that from teacher´s point of view Skype can be a diversification of common lessons, a new approach to teaching language and possibility to show how creative he or she is. Moreover, usage of Skype in lessons can also provide a ground for cooperation between schools and students from different countries and it can help the school to become a part of some interesting project.

It´s a pity there is not enough time and space to use Skype or other tool like that very often but I hope I would have an opportunity and luck to try it in my future career of teacher.


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