I have created a wiki in my ICT lesson so I have some knowledge about it, nevertheless, I read an article about it.

What is a wiki?

We can say that wiki is a web page that can be shared and edited by more people (if they are allowed to). It provides a collaborative and open-ended group work that can be used for different means-as a tool for learning, for co-operation, etc.

First wikis appeared in the mid-1990s and they are used in varieties of co-operative activities. For example higher education uses it as a kind of archive for notes. But it can be used by common users as well.

It is easy…

Everybody can create his own wiki-all you need is the Internet and some Web browser. Then it is quite easy. You can edit your pages there, load pictures, videos, files, etc. 

The site can be edited from different places if you have an access. So you can participate on it anytime you want. 

There are some disadvantages of wikis as well. One of them is maybe the number of editors that can edit one wiki, modify it and manipulate with things. So there is a risk that someone else can delete your page or work by accident.

I like wikis because it allows users to form project, pages, and divide it into specific topics. And another thing I like is that it is so easy that almost everyone can do it. You do not need any special knowledge about ICT.

It can be a useful tool for teachers and their classes as wiki can be used as a project work of students. Only thing that can limited you is time and lack of ideas or imagination. 🙂

To show you an example I put a link to my wiki created in ICT lessons. 

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  1. It is good you started reading recommended articles. I hope you will continue with that. It is nice that you paste pictures in your blog entries.

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